Young Lives Changing the World

This weekend I had the absolute privilege to go on a weekend getaway trip to my young life leaders cabin on lake Roosevelt. Little did I know I would make so many new friends and memories. Going into this weekend I knew two people and I didn't even know them very well, so I was a little optimistic about even tagging along. It turned out to be everything I prayed for and more. From delicious food to canoeing to bonding exercises to serving God, it was a weekend to remember. Though we did have a TON of fun, I must say my favorite part was growing closer to God. I tend to see myself do this a lot as I self reflect on moments with Christ. I go on this high and a few days later I come back down from it. I always want to be that close to God, always. Yet that never seems to be the case for me. So as I got back to my dorm room today I did a self reflection on how I saw God and how I can apply that to an everyday thing. It wasn't until I did this that I didn't even realize the community I was surrounded by this weekend and they are still around me. I don't need to go back to a cabin to feel those emotions I did when I can go hang out with a leader and just talk about Christ and feel that high again. I am getting more involved in young life like I did in high school and I cannot tell you how stoked I am to one day lead kids to Christ, just like my young life leader did to me my junior year of high school. I still talk to him and throughout my journey with Jesus he has been through it with me, even if he is across the state. It's those connections that I hope I can make with future followers of the Lord one day. So as I sit in my bed writing this, looking at the notes I took down and the photos I took this weekend, I thank God for where He has lead me to this moment and I thank young life for giving me an opportunity to give back. 

xoxo~ Savannah

Picture Credit: Kenny Smith


  1. Thank you for sharing! I am encouraged by your commitment to Christ and desire to know him better. I love reading blogs about home decor and personal products and recipes, but as far as inspiration -- this tops them all! thank you


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