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Fall Day at the Patch

Pumpkin Picking! 

Today my friend Maya and I headed up to Green Bluff, Spokane to do a little exploring and people watching! We went on the busiest day but it was sure worth the drive. If you have never been to Green Bluff and are in the area at ANY season, make sure you drive through it. You will not believe how beautiful and big it is! I was expecting a small patch, but this was miles and miles of different patches and venues and food! I wore my favorite jeans ever (mostly because they are so stinkin' comfortable) by LUCKY and a shirt I picked up at good oldTJ MAX. My short booties are from famous footwear and honestly, I have found that to be the best and cheapest bang for your buck (as well as Tj Max). After the patch Maya took me to Mt. Spokane to a beautiful lookout point where we let her dog out and soaked up the view. All in all, it was a pretty successful and fun day! 
xoxo~ Savannah

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